What is Prajna?

Prajna is a part of our parent organization Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET) and was established to promote moral values and to share our culture and heritage to the children so that it can be passed on to the next generation.

Who designed the Prajna program?

Prajna was started by H.H. Sri. Sri. Sri. Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and is run under the auspices of H.H. till today.

What does the term Prajna mean?

This is a Sanskrit term. Literally, Prajna means intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, intellectuality etc.

How many Prajna centers are there in United States?

Today, there are over 90 centers in 28 states across the United States.

How does Prajna program help children?

Prajna is a program empowering our kids with rich knowledge. Prajna is the ability to translate good knowledge into action. It is designed to enhance the personality of a child by enriching the mind, body and spirit.

What aspects of spiritual learning does Prajna promote?

· About our gods, goddesses, and why we have many of them

· Slokas – their meanings, concepts, why & when we need to chant them

· Bhajans to improve voice and free the mind

· Learn about great Acharyas, Rishis, important men, women, and children

· Meaningful prayers that can bring courage in different situations

· Yoga and meditation to promote purity of mind

Does Prajna courses cover aspects beyond the spiritual?

· Importance of our festivals and why we celebrate them

· Improving speech by pronouncing difficult words easily

· Promote “Power of Speech” and educate on how communication is an important part of success in life, and how speech influences the outcome of various situations and relate them to modern day situations and events.

· Value of friendship – good friends vs bad friends

· Remove impure thoughts, have good thoughts, and energy

· Have control over our mind, body and speech

· Promote good moral values and virtues through stories

· Public speaking, leadership skills, and management skills

· Importance of speaking truth

· Non-violence

· Courage to face challenging situations

· Loyalty – to family, school, and work environment

· Respect – parents, teachers, elders in general, and caring for nature

· Tolerance – to other religions promoting our motto “Worship Your Own, Respect All”

· Volunteerism and Gratitude - Food drives, earth-day activities, help-the-community activities, service to society – very useful for college going students – promoting our motto “Serve All Beings as Service to God”

· Physical, mental and spiritual growth for personality development

Can you summarize the benefits to children in attending a Prajna program?

Prajna is a program empowering our kids with rich knowledge. Prajna is the ability to translate good knowledge into action. It is designed to enhance the personality of a child by enriching the mind, body and spirit.

How long is the Prajna program?

It is a yearlong program beginning in September and concluding in June of the following year. It follows the regular county school year.

When does the Prajna registration begin and end?

Registration for Prajna usually begins in July-August of every year and classes go on till June of the following year. Typically, it ends with annual showcasing of what children have learnt through the year.

Is there an Annual Day for Prajna?

Yes, typically held in June of every year (in a School auditorium). Children perform dramas, recitals, plays to demonstrate what they have learnt through the year. Events will be announced well in advance on the Prajna, and JET websites, as well as on the media platforms, such as Radio, Facebook etc.

Who can enroll in Prajna?

Anyone with the age of 5 and above can become a part of Prajna Program

Where are Prajna Classes held in Washington DC area?

1. Herndon, VA – Floris Elementary school

2. Herndon, VA – Franklin Middle School (proposed)

3. Ashburn – to be decided

(in the past we held the classes at Stone Hill Middle School)

3. Aldie, VA – to be decided

What is the website and email address to reach Prajna coordinator?



What is the Prajna course syllabi?

Module 1: https://www.prajna4me.org/syllabus/module-1/

Pre-requisite 1: Age: 4 and Above

Pre-requisite 2: Interest to learn Vedic science and culture

Module 2: https://www.prajna4me.org/syllabus/module-2/

Pre-requisite: Complete Module 1 OR Be of age 6 and above

Module 3: https://www.prajna4me.org/syllabus/module-3/

Pre-requisite: Complete Module 2 OR Be of age 7 and above

Module 4: https://www.prajna4me.org/syllabus/module-4/

Pre-requisite: Complete Module 3 OR Be of age 8 and above

How long is each class?

2 hours

What is the fee for this program?

$400.00 a year.

Who teaches Prajna courses? Are the teachers certified?

The courses are taught by volunteer-teachers who are trained by JET and certified by them.

What is Bhaktinivedana?

It is a magazine containing spiritually enlightening articles. It Also has updated of activities observed at all JET centers.

Who started the Bhaktinivedana magazine?

The magazine was started by H.H. Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji (Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji) with a divine vision to have a magazine that can cater to the spiritual needs of all the people in the society. Since then, this monthly spiritual magazine has been running continuously.

Since when is Bhaktinivedana being printed?

Since April 1947 and is one of the longest running spiritual magazines of India.

For whom is Bhaktinivedana?

The magazine caters to the spiritual needs of all categories of people like children, youth, old, women alike.

What if I want to ask a question?

Your question along with Swamiji’s response will be published as part of the FAQ section of Bhakthinivedana. You can post your question by visiting the website https://bhakthinivedana.com/ask-a-question-to-swamiji/

What if I want to write an article?

You can send your article to the editor’s email: bneditors@chinnajeeyar.org

For sure, the team will consider it and will reply back.

What is the cost of subscription, and where can I subscribe the magazine?

The cost is $50 for a 1-year subscription. Please visit the below link to subscribe